Official Documents and Reports

EU Institutions

European Commission, Public Consultation on the AI White Paper - Final Report, November 2020

European Commission, White Paper on Artificial Intelligence: a European approach to excellence and trust, 19 March 2020

European Economic and Social Committee, Opinion: Coordinated Plan on the development of Artificial Intelligence in Europe, May 2019

European Commission, Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence, 9 December 2018

Brief overview of current and upcoming EU actions and funding related to AI, November 2018

European Commission ‘Commission Communication on Artificial Intelligence for Europe’, 25 April 2018

Declaration of Cooperation on Artificial Intelligence’, 10 April 2018

European Commission ‘Member States sign up to cooperate on Artificial Intelligence’, 10 April 2018

European Commission ‘The European AI Landscape’, workshop report, April 2018

European Economic and Social Committee 'Artificial Intelligence – The consequences of AI on the (digital) single market, production, consumption, employment and society, May 2018

European Economic and Social Committee 'Artificial intelligence: anticipating its impact on jobs to ensure a fair transition (own-initiative opinion)', February 2018

European Economic and Social Committee 'Trust, privacy and consumer security in the Internet of Things (IoT) (own-initiative opinion)', February 2018

European Economic and Social Committee 'Artificial intelligence for Europe (communication)', April 2018

European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies ‘Statement on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Autonomous Systems’, 9 March 2018

European Political Strategy Centre ‘The Age of Artificial Intelligence’, 27 March 2018

High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence

Report and videos from the first AI HLEG workshop, September 2018 

'European AI Alliance Input for the first workshop of the AI HLEG', September 2018

'Concept Note on the AI HLEG', July 2018

'Minutes of the first meeting of the AI HLEG, 27 June 2018', July 2018

'AI HLEG Rules of Procedure', July 2018

'Artificial Intelligence for Europe', presentation by Khalil Rouhana, Deputy Director-General at DG Connect, at the first meeting of the AI HLEG, 27 June 2018

Which themes should the AI HLEG tackle? (summary of ideas and suggestions from the AI Alliance for the first meeting of the AI HLEG)’, 25 June 2018

Member States

Danmark – National Strategy for AI, March 2019

France – ‘Villani Report’, 29 March 2018

France – ‘France Intelligence Artificielle’, 2017

France – CNIL report: 'The ethical matters raised by algorithms and artificial intelligence', December 2017

Germany – 'Artificial Intelligence Strategy', November 2018

Germany – ‘Industrie 4.0

Ireland – Irish Development Agency ‘Ireland AI Island

Italy – ‘L’intelligenza artificiale al servizio del cittadino’, March 2018

Lithuania – Artificial Intelligence Strategy: A Vision of the Future, March 2019

Sweden – 'National orientation for artificial intelligence', May 2018

United Kingdom – 'Government response to House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Select Committee’s Report on AI in the UK: Ready, Willing and Able?', June 2018

United Kingdom – 'AI Sector Deal', April 2018

United Kingdom – 'House of Lords Report 'AI in the UK: ready, willing and able?', April 2018

Visegrad 4 countries’ thoughts on the Artificial Intelligence and maximising its benefits, April 2018

Other countries


Department of Defense: artificial intelligence, big data and cloud taxonomy’, Govini, December 2017

Committee on Technology, National Science and Technology Council, Executive Office of the President 'Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence', October 2016


'AI Strategy', July 2017


'National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence', June 2018


'Artificial Intelligence Technology Strategy', March 2017

International Organisations 


'Charlevoix Common Vision for the Future of Artificial Intelligence', 9 June 2018

G7 Innovation Ministers’ Statement on Artificial Intelligence’, 28 March 2018