Welcome to the Digital Compass Community!

This is a forum for EU citizens, businesses, public authorities, innovators, researchers, civil society, and policymakers to shape Europe’s Digital Decade together. We invite you to discuss tools and best practices to achieve a successful digital transformation by 2030. The EU's ambition is to be digitally sovereign in an open and interconnected world, and to pursue digital policies that empower people and businesses to seize a human-centred, sustainable and more prosperous digital future. Your contributions will help implement these ambitions through a policy programme with concrete quantitative targets in the area of digital skills, digital infrastructures, digital businesses and digital public services, a robust governance framework, and a mechanism for multi-country projects: the 2030 Digital Compass.

Join the Digital Compass Community to help prepare the policy programme, and stay to discuss and shape its implementation throughout the decade. You can decide how to participate: engage in discussions, share your experience, circulate documents, showcase best practices, inform about events, or simply browse through contributions and maybe leave a comment. Click here for instructions on how to join groups and post content.

We look forward to interesting and constructive debates about our future – and how to get there!

Compass with four cardinal points: skills, infrastructures, businesses, public services.