Welcome to the Digital Decade Community!

This is your forum to discuss digital questions and share your vision of a preferred digital future for Europe. By sharing your views, ideas and content, you are providing important input on Europe’s Path to the Digital Decade, including on concrete measures designed and implemented under the new policy programme.

Under the section “Best Practices” you can share examples and experiences regarding digital initiatives and projects you have been involved in and what has made them successful.  

Under the section “Library” you can find a list of existing EU actions, policies and initiatives – proposed or implemented – to help achieve the digital targets, with a focus on how different Member States have successfully implemented them. This is also a place where you can share and discuss proposed actions for the future. Finally, you can also find and contribute to a list of recommended readings, critical sources, reports and papers on key digital questions.

Under the section "News and Events" you can stay up to date with Digital Decade developments, access a calendar of upcoming events on Europe's digital future and follow them directly on the platform. 

We are delighted to welcome you to the Digital Decade Community and look forward to interesting and constructive debates about our digital future and how to get there!

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