The European AI Alliance is both a gate of resources and a forum dedicated to all legal, technical, and economic implications that artificial intelligence (AI) presents to our societies. It brings together legislators and citizens, academics and practitioners, public authorities, civil society, business, and consumer organisations in an open and multidisciplinary community of exchange

Documents such as the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI and the European Commission’s AI Act were shaped in the discussions generated by the AI Alliance. All events, document repositories and AI practices shared here, reflect upon Europe’s policy landscape of artificial intelligence and contribute to its further building.    

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All content and resources shared in the AI Alliance are publicly available and accessible for everyone to consult.  

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Members of the AI Alliance can contribute to the community by publishing their own resources in the Open Library or discussing their  Best Practices in implementing Trustworthy AI. Other types of updates can be shared on News & Events 

Resources informing the community on AI related topics or generating relevant discussions, can be shared in text, audio and video format. They can include scientific publications, papers on specific topics, databases of AI incidents, recordings from webinars, interviews, MOOCs, websites or any other content that helps raising awareness on member’s AI related work and interests.   

The AI Alliance Blog, is dedicated to expert analysis or field updates on specific AI policy related topics. Blog contributions are welcomed following a coordination with the editorial team. 

Any content published on the AI Alliance is subjected to user content moderation rules and the legal notice of Europa websites as well as the privacy statement of Futurium.

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Discussions are the moving force of the AI Alliance. They can be shaped as ideas, questions, blogs and other posts initiated in the Forum or they can be comments posted under any other content published on the AI Alliance. In the occasion of Events organised by the European Commission or other entities associated with the AI Alliance, the community can join the discussion by participating in-person or sharing relevant content before, during and after the event.  

Self-Assess your AI Systems 

Following consultations with the AI Alliance community, the High-Level Expert Group on AI developed a check-list with key requirements for Trustworthy AI. The Insight Centre for Data Analytics at University College Cork, has translated this list into a prototype web based tool, helping developers and deployers to assess their systems. The tool can be browsed through the Trustworthy AI in Practice section of the AI Alliance. 

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