Augmented reality: new frontiers and applications


The interest for interactive and immersive technologies is continuously raising, for example in the context of virtual worlds and the metaverse but also as the new frontier of human machine interaction.
Augmented Reality, where reality and digital worlds are merging, offers an infinite array of possibilities and opportunities for new applications in our private and professional lives. It also brings challenges and societal questions.

This webinar will present AR technology and how it can used and applied.

After a brief introduction by the European Commission (done by DG CONNECT.G2 unit) on relevant and ongoing initiatives on research, innovation and uptake of AR, renowned experts will present possible use cases and applications of AR, from different perspectives (industrial, societal and transversal).


•    What break-through added-value can AR bring to society/industry?
•    What is the situation of the AR market in Europe regarding AR?
•    Which are the biggest challenges for AR in Europe?
•    Which kind of support do you think EC should bring regarding AR innovation and uptake?   


-    Commission perspective; Augmented Reality (and beyond) in Europe: current activities and preparing for the future 
Anne Bajart, Deputy Head of Unit G2 “Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture and Education”, DG CNECT

-    Horizontal perspective; K.I.S.S. method for an effective dissemination of AR
Grégory Maubon, Co-Founder and President, RA’pro

-    Industrial perspective; Revolutionizing product development, manufacturing, and operation with Augmented Reality: enhancing efficiency, quality, and safety
Theodoros Papadopoulos – Programme Manager, Siemens

-    Societal perspective; Real people in virtual worlds
Natasja Paulssen, Founder, 4DR Studios


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