Survey on public transport in cross-border regions launched

We invite you to contribute to the DG Regio study “Providing public transport in cross-border regions. Mapping of existing services and related legal obstacles”. One of the first tasks of the study is to develop a comprehensive understanding of obstacles and solutions for cross-border public transport services in EU and EEA countries. Hence, we kindly ask you to share your knowledge by participating in the launched survey [Link to survey]. No matter whether you are familiar with such services in a certain border region more generally or have very specific knowledge about one or more cross-border public transport services, your experience is highly appreciated.

Survey questions focus particularly on

  • a general assessment of supply and demand of cross-border public transport services in EU and EEA border areas;
  • sources and types of legal, administrative and operational obstacles for such services; and
  • solutions found or anticipated to overcome obstacles.

Please answer the survey through this link. We look forward to receiving your responses and count on your expertise.


Submitted by Nathalie VERSCHELDE on Thu, 28/01/2021 - 14:25

Thank you Team ! 

And the survey is not only available in English :-)

Check it out if you want to reply in Bulgarian, Estonian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish or a whole range of other EU languages....

We in DG REGIO cannot wait to read the reactions and learn so much more on the state of our cross-border public transport systems (or their absence :-().