New study on public transport in cross-border regions

DG Regio launched the study “Providing public transport in cross-border regions. Mapping of existing services and related legal obstacles”. Adequate cross-border transport infrastructures and services are central for various cross-border activities of citizens and businesses in the EU. Too often, however, bottlenecks and obstacles still hamper or complicate these activities.

This study aims to contribute to reducing these bottlenecks and obstacles with a particular view on public cross-border transport services (CBPT). It will improve the tools at the disposal of public authorities and other stakeholders to promote the development of CBPT services and facilitate cross-border mobility. In particular, the study will

  • develop a comprehensive inventory of existing cross-border public transport services;
  • develop an inventory of obstacles to and solutions for the implementation of such services;
  • provide in-depth insides for about 30 services across the EU for further inspiration; and
  • develop a toolbox to support planning practitioners and service providers.

We look forward to involving any authority and stakeholder working in the field of cross-border transport in EU and EEA countries. Your expertise will be crucial when launching an EU-wide survey and case study analyses.

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