16th Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debate Series - 'How can cross-border risk & crisis management enhance EU resilience?'


Mark your calendars for the first Beyond Borders Breakfast Debate webinar of the year! 

📅Date: 15th February 2024 

⏰ Time: 10:00–11:00 CET 

💻 Online  


Join us for our 16th edition of the Beyond Borders Breakfast Debate Series, where we will discuss how cross-border disaster, risk, and crisis management can build resilience within the EU. We will delve into the DG REGIO’s latest report, ‘Strengthening the Resilience of EU Border Regions: Mapping Risks and Crisis Management Tools and Identifying Gaps.’ This pivotal report, scheduled for publication in March 2024, provides a comprehensive inventory of potential risks along EU borders and identifies existing tools for their prevention and management.

This debate aims to provide updated information on the main tools and good practices for cross-border cooperation in managing both natural and human disasters. By shedding light on the gaps affecting cross-border territories in their risk management capabilities, the debate will offer suggestions for addressing these challenges at local, regional, national, and European levels. 

Engage with a panel of experts and policymakers discussing: 

  • Innovative strategies for cross-border disaster risk management. 
  • Enhancing legal and governance frameworks for crisis management 
  • Key findings of the DG REGIO report on EU border resilience. 

Featured speakers: 

🎙️ Ms. Birgit Snoeren, Policy Officer, DG ECHO, European Commission. 

🎙️ Ms. Simona Pohlova, Deputy Head of Unit for Interreg, Cross-border Cooperation, Internal Borders (Unit D.2. DG Regio).

🎙️ Mr. Ruslan Zhechkov, Principal Consultant, representative of the company authoring Strengthening the Resilience of EU Border Regions - Technopolis.

🎙️Ms. Marian Ramekers-van Kuijk, Programme Director at EMRIC


During the discussion, you can engage with the speakers and ask questions in our Q&A section. If you already have questions or thoughts and would like to see certain issues addressed during the event on risk and crisis management, please use the ‘Have Your Say’ tab on Futurium.

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