Recording: Managing AI risk - perspectives from around the world

Many potential risks associated with artificial intelligence have been identified and as capabilities mature, risks will grow in scale and scope. The EU AI Act proposes to address this through a proportionate system of regulation, with flexible mechanisms to enable dynamic adaptability to changing situations. The US administration, at the same time, just proposed an AI Bill of Rights and is also developing a voluntary risk management framework. Does the understanding of the risks posed by AI converge or diverge across these jurisdictions? Furthermore, what is the conception of AI risk as seen from the Global South, and how are Global South actors’ interests and concerns reflected in these emerging norms? With AI risk assessments tied deeply to societies’ values, policy makers and AI experts from across the world will explore what level of global consensus can be achieved to effectively govern AI risk. Is global interoperability an achievable goal, and, if not, what will be the implications?


This session is co-organized at the Paris Peace Forum with the OECD.AI

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