AI Pact

AI applications are developing in all industries and sectors, but how can we ensure that they do not compromise the health, safety and fundamental rights of European citizens? How can we ensure that they can be deployed and used with complete trust? Following preliminary work of the High-level expert group on AI, the Commission presented its proposal for an AI Regulation, which sets out the requirements to ensure the development and deployment of trustworthy AI for providers of high-risk AI systems. 

On this dedicated subpage, organisations participating in the AI Pact and members of the AI Alliance can share their best practices to meet the requirements of the proposed AI Act and contribute to building an AI ecosystem of trust in Europe and around the world.  

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Processes (AI Pact)

AI Pact: Call for interest

The AI Pact will encourage and support companies in planning ahead for the measures provided for in the AI Act. In 2021, the Commission…