Webinar Climate-ADAPT case studies


On Wednesday 19 June, a webinar of the European Climate Adaptation platform (Climate-ADAPT) will be held which will focus on the dissemination of basic features of the Climate-ADAPT case studies.

Currently, Climate-ADAPT incudes 91 case studies and is continuously complemented with new case studies. They all cover the key aspects in the implementation cycle of adaptation measures. The cases are aimed at supporting policy and decision-makers, in particular at the local and regional scale, in their efforts to cope with the effects of climate change by demonstrating the implementation of real adaptation measures.

The webinar will discuss the basic features of the cases including criteria for their identification, structure for their description, development process, and current state of the case study collection.

If you wish to participate, please sent an email to climate.adapt@eea.europe.eu by providing your name, organization and email address. Once you are registered you will receive an email for further instructions.

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webinar Climate-ADAPT Case Studies