Recommendations on the protection of unaccompanied minors/children in migration

Despite continuous efforts by the European Union, Member States and national, regional and local authorities, children still make up a large proportion of asylum seekers in the EU. The high numbers intensify challenges and expose shortcomings in the protection offered to children in migration. Against this background, the Partnership on Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees dedicates one of its actions to better integration and protection of children in migration. 

In the scope of this Action, the Partnership aims for developing a set of recommendations to help bring about better policies to protect children in migration.

The preparatory work to develop these recommendations included a series of case studies in 14 different European cities.

In April 2018, the Action Leaders CEMR and the City of Amsterdam moderated two workshops at the conference "Lost in Migration" organised by Missing Children, during which the participants discussed these experiences from European municipalities. 

In addition, the University of Leiden is analysing the case studies. 

The policy recommendations of the Partnership will be based on the workshop outcomes and the case study analysis. A first discussion of the recommendations forms part of the agenda of the Partnership meeting on 27 September 2018 in Barcelona.

Read more about the workshop of the Partnership at the "Lost in Migration" conference here

More details on this Action can be found in the Action Plan. To stay up to date, please consult the Partnership website regularly and follow the Urban Agenda for the EU on Twitter @EUUrbanAgenda

The Partnership has also produced a short video on this Action: