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AI4EU Cafe: Embodied online dancing and partying with digital characters



This AI4EU Cafe presents the European Innovation Council Pathfinder Project Carousel on the call topic : Social Interaction and AI  
The Speakers are the Core team of this project.: Philipp Slusallek (Executive Director DFKI Saarbrücken & Scientific Director of the research area on Agents and Simulated Reality); Kenny Mitchell (Technical Director of Rendering at Roblox and chair of Video Game Technology at Edinburgh Napier University);  Carmen Mac Williams (Director of Grassroots Arts),  Pieter van der Linden (President, VIVITNET), Monica Tamariz ( Assistant Professor in Psychology at Heriot-Watt University),
The partners of the Carousel project will present how they will develop and combine novel, original and imaginative combinations of Artificial Intelligence and immersive interaction technologies, people will be able to feel each other’s presence, touch, and movement, even if they are not in the same physical space.
Meaningful AI-driven digital characters able to interact autonomously with people will help the individuals to feel happy and dance with each other.

Philipp Slusallek
Kenny Mitchell
Pieter van der Linden
Monica Tamariz
Carmen Mac Williams
AI4EU Café