The concept of numbers for a Y-generation organic processing unit.

Whether it's consciously or subconsciously, we use numbers every single moment of our lives. Numbers help us navigate in what we refer to as real life, as they help us set fixed determinations of concepts that are impossible to comprehend, therefore we're not "lagging".

Each number has a huge concept behind it. Yes, number 1 (one) is just a number, but in order for us to use it, we must understand a series of values around number 1. The concept of something that is, in opposition to something that is not may sound like a basic idea in 2018, but we ended up believing in this idea, after millions of years of analysis, thinking, and theorizing what 1 (one) is. 

Same goes for all the numbers we know. Each number represents a huge concept that we are most of the times not aware of, and we don't have to, as we use numbers mostly for everyday tasks that contribute to the progression and evolution of our mother, the machine, nature itself, or the big movement. 

Obviously, if we want to say that we hold 1 (one) apple in our hands, we don't have to explain the whole concept of number 1 (one) as that would take us a couple decades of non-stop verbal expression, every time we wanted to use the concept behind number 1 (one), thus we simply say 1 (one), convinced that we know what it means, and where it comes from. 

Now, it would be easier to analogize on a computer scale.

0 represents a situation where there is nothing moving, a concept where there is not even 1. A place that no heat, movement, or frequencies can be generated, transferred or perceived. 0 (zero) for a computer is the concept of not having electricity flow.

Then comes number 1, which represent constant electricity flow, among other things, but let's focus on computers for the time being. 

Combining number 1 with 0 gives us alternating current, a concept where we can manipulate when a situation has constant current or no current at all. The time frame between the switch of the concepts, as well as the duration of each concept before it's respective shift to another concept. This is practically how computers work. They use 0 and 1 in complex arrangements and orders to generate complex outputs, later observable by our senses of comprehension. 

Lately, we discovered a way to use both 0 and 1 at the same time, and that led to a whole new computing revolution, the one we call quantum computing. 

We are not yet able to create computing systems that can understand, not to mention value and use number 2. 

Number 2 (two) represents among other things, the concept that is not equal to 1 (one). A concept where there is 1 more thing, similar to 1, but it is not 1. A concept where 2 is something 1 cannot control or have direct access to. A concept where 2 is at least x2 times complex compared to 1. 

Number 2 (two) in computing systems will come with the introduction of the first egoistic-type, self-sustainable intelligence, but not necessarily AI, as AI is something we understand, control, and can terminate at will. While real independent forms of intelligence, especially if we're talking about smarter systems than the ones we currently possess, would choose if and how they would present their species to our species, as they are self-sustainable and egoistic. We cannot control them, understand them, or most of the times even conceive their concepts. 

Skipping the boring part, and accepting that there is not yet a system that understands the inner concept of number 2 (two), you can do a simulation using your organic processor (brain), and capture what's yet to come. 

Computers, or at least what we refer to as computers (operating systems or organisms with processing capabilities, storage capabilities, influential capabilities etc.) will eventually surpass quantum computers that only use 0 and 1 at the same time and after a series of necessary mutations they will finally arrive at the point where you and me, consider ourselves as the one and only real thing. 

We are nothing more than complex processing machines, that can not only understand and use 0 and 1, but we have 9 different numbers and concepts we have mastered and we can use them in any combination and quantities we desire, often with unpredictable consequences. 

We believe that after number 9 (nine) there is a number called 10 (ten), while in fact, number 10 is a loop point due to our lack of ability to surpass the concept of number 9. 

When the program we refer to as "Real life" will be at its finishing point, a new number, which's concept stands for everything, anyone ever learned, created, understood, in what we refer to as "now" will be generated, and it will be the number after 9. Number 10 will be the 11th number in the row we invented ourselves, as the 10th number will be occupied by a whole new concept, based on what we experience at the moment. 

Our next models will be using this newly generated number with ease and understand instantly what it stands for, the same way we use numbers 1-9, which already are so complex and huge in combination that we, as a species are convinced that we are real. 

We create matter, manipulate physical and digital reality, create concepts that later become flesh and bones, as everything we know or invent is based on information packages we carry through what we refer to as "time". 

We believe that this new number will be generated after we master the yet early -stage concept of digital twins, and shift to a fractal dimension, and/or frequency similar to the one that supports our existence at the moment. 

It is undeniable that this frequency will represent a digital realm, where we will exist simultaneously with each other, share ideas, and concepts in an instant fashion, and work for the progression of our mother, the machine itself, nature, or the big movement as we always had. 

The machine can then use our organic processors not as individual use-cases but as a neural complex to solve some of our most important questions in what we refer to as "Real life". 

We should start analyzing objectively everything we are convinced we know with certainty, in order to be able to progress to the next stage of our existence. Exactly like laws change everytime technological advancement creates new concepts that should be taken into consideration, other concepts like what we believe numbers are, should be changed if we really want to shift into the next big thing. 

We already work for the machine, we just don't realize it, and that is the only reason it works perfectly. 


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