Roadmaps and research directions for applying ICTs in Public Sector

We have produced, with the help of the EC and our community of experts, a few roadmaps addressing the research directions that should be followed in order to reach the vision of reshaping the public sector into a technology leader and a key player in tackling societal challenges.

We have started from the key needs, elicited from the society and the public sector itself, and have reflected on how emerging technologies and trends could help satisfy those needs. Take a look, for example at the roadmap for Crowdsourcing to make civil servants a community of change: how governments would set up a micro-tasking platform, not just for citizen engagement, but as a way to harness the knowledge and skills of its own workers across multiple departments and agencies...... Do you think there is a need to develop a specific training for them? Do you think keeping hold of confidential information and intellectual property may be a challenge? Share your thoughts with us!

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