DAAD EU Alumni: Policy recommendations for the digital strategy of the European Union

Dear Futurium Community, 

We would like to share with you the results of our workshop on "Digitalising and transforming the European economy", which formed part of 2022 DAAD EU Alumni Summit "Setting Out for the Future - How can we Drive Europe Forward?". DAAD alumni from all 27 EU Member States discussed key challenges and opportunities for Europe's Digital Decade.  

Our discussions departed from the question "What does it mean to be a digital pioneer?".  We believe that it entails more than being a frontrunner in developing emerging technologies. It entails pioneering a values-based approach to their use. This is where the EU's strengths lie: We truly believe in and defend human rights. It is therefore not only through technological progress we establish greatness but rather in the methodology of how we approach it. Setting global standards for data protection with legislation such as the GDPR and the currently developed Data Act and Digital Markets Act is where we truly succeed. Whenever developing legal frameworks to foster digitalisation it is worth asking: Are human rights and European Union’s values accurately reflected and at the core of each law? 

In the attached policy brief, we formulate four key learnings and guiding questions to help decision-makers at both the EU and national levels make the right decisions for Europe's Digital Decade. Moreover, we present eight concrete ideas for action to expand on the 2030 Digital Compass and put our common digital goals into practice.  

(The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is  the independent organisation of German higher education institutions , devoted to internationalising the academic system, shaping the European Higher Education and Research Area and promoting European interests throughout the world.) 

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.


Nina Hauser (for the DAAD EU alumni working group)

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