CONNECT University Summer School 2018 | The Future of Learning in an era of Digital Disruption

The CONNECT University Summer School 2018 on "Digital Learning" (25 June - 5 July) aims to empower learning through the use of technology, exploring how innovative technologies can be leveraged to increase the quality and accessibility of learning. We will discuss how blockchain could change education, explore the digital transformation in education, discover the world of AI and Machine Learning, look at ways of creating synergies between human and machines, take part of an exposition on eLearning solutions, underline ways of revolutionising learning through the use of AI and much more!

The 2018 CONNECT University Summer School | #CUSS18 will broaden our horizon concerning the Future of Digital, focusing on The Future of Learning in an era of Digital Disruption.

The goal is to increase awareness of digital matters by focusing on current trends and future potential brought forth by innovative technologies.

Join us in rethinking, reimagining and transforming learning in the digital age!

Summer School Session "Digital learning as a tool for development"

Summer School Session "Innovative eLearning solutions"

Summer School Session "Reimagine learning"

Summer School Session "The Age of AI - Towards a European Strategy for Human-Centric Machines"

Summer School Session "How can Blockchain Technology Innovate Education"

Summer School Session " The World of AI and Machine Learning"

Summer School Session " The Importance of Digital Skills in Today's World"

Summer School Session "The Impact of AI & Automation on Learning"

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