Developing the Silver Economy and Related Government Resources for Seniors: A Position Paper

The precarious rights of senior citizens, especially those who are highly educated and who are expected to counsel and guide the younger generations, has stimulated the creation internationally of advocacy associations and opinion leader groups. The strength of these groups, however, varies from country to country.  In some countries, they are supported and are the focus of intense interest; in others, they are practically ignored. For this is reason we believe that the creation of a network of all these associations is essential. The proposed network would act as a support for the already-existing policies of the United Nations’ High Commission for Human Rights, of independent experts, and of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People.  All three have long ago recommended the creation of a recognized instrument for uniting presently scattered efforts. The proposed network, therefore, will seek to promote the international exchange of relevant expertise, and it will reinforce the commitments and actions that single countries are currently taking to meet these objectives. For example, informative public events can be organised to promote particular support initiatives and to provide an opportunity for new members of the network to be presented.  The network will promote health for senior citizens, disease prevention, senior mobility, safe free time for seniors, alimentary education, protection against new risks and dangers, as well as equity in the services necessary for seniors to adopt new information and communication technologies. In the case of retired academic members, the network will promote equality with respect to continuing use of digital technologies (particularly email), continuing access to research libraries, and the guaranteed ability for seniors to fund their own research programs and to deliver free seminars.

Developing the Silver Economy and Related Government Resources for Seniors: A Position Paper
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Agosti, Maristella; Allan, Moira; Bene, Ágnes; Braun, Kathryn L.; Campanella, Luigi; Chałas, Marek; Wing, Cheah Tuck; Čišić, Dragan; Christodoulou, George; de Sousa Costa, Elísio Manuel; Čok, Lucija; Dorniž, Jožica; Erceg, Aleksandar; Farnicka, Marzanna;
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