Green, compact and energy-efficient cities make a key contribution to sustainable growth. They play a crucial role in implementing various projects and initiatives at the European level. The fast urbanisation pace in Europe bring about a number of unprecedented challenges related inter alia to the prevention and management of urban sprawl, the promotion of sustainable land-use, the prioritisation of renewal, regeneration and retrofitting of urban areas and the redevelopment of brownfields, the provision of high-quality buildings, public space and mobility policies, and the protection of urban green areas and promotion of nature-based solutions.

The Partnership on Sustainable Use of Land and Nature-based held its kick-off meeting in July 2017. Concretely, it aims to: 

  • review and understand the processes of suburbanisation and the role of nature-based solutions within the current development processes; 
  • identify best practices in innovative urban development across Europe;
  • formulate specific concepts and modes of action regarding sustainable use of land and implementation of nature-based solutions within urban areas as well as concrete proposals for territorial instruments and funding

In late 2018, the Partnership presented its final Action Plan with concrete suggestions regarding the Partnership's two main objectives: 1) to promote the liveable compactness city model and 2) to mainstream and promote nature-based solutions as a tool to build sustainable, resilient and liveable urban spaces.


Find the composition of the Partnership on the Members page. 

More information with regard to EU legislation, policies, strategies, studies, funding, project examples on the topic of sustainable use of land and nature-based solutions can be found at the European Commission's one-stop shop for cities.

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