Breakfast Debate #12 (13 July 2023): How to further integrate labour markets across borders

On Thursday, 13th July, the Border Focal Point Network organised the 12th episode of the 'Beyond Borders' Breakfast Debates series, focusing on 'How to Further Integrate Labour Markets Across Borders'.

This session provided an ideal opportunity to delve into the future of labour market integration in cross-border regions. The discussion featured a distinguished panel of experts, including Olivier Baudelet (DG REGIO, European Commission), Guus de Bruijn (Benelux Union), Balázs Lengyel (European Labour Authority), Annmarie O'Kane (Centre for Cross Border Studies), and Lukáš Novotný (Associate Professor of Political Science at UJEP University). The panellists discussed successful practices that have brought labour markets closer together, such as the establishment of cooperation structures and the understanding of cross-border issues like taxation, social security, and qualifications.

Watch the recording: