The European Commission will set up an Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data in Education and Training.

The Expert Group's mission will be to: 

  • Assist the Commission in relation to the implementation of existing Union legislation, programmes and policies
  • Coordinate with Member States, exchange of views
  • Assist in the preparation of ethical guidelines in the field of AI and data in education and training
  • Assist in the collection of resources regarding existing guidelines, recommendations and policies in the field of AI and Data Ethics in education and training
  • Assist in establishing cooperation and exchange information between the Commission and relevant stakeholders on questions related to the ethical principles and values that contribute towards the achievement of Trustworthy AI and Data in education and training
  • Assist in the promotion and exchange of knowledge, experience and good practice in the field of ethics in information and communication technology, targeted towards AI and data in education and training
  • Assist in raising awareness within education and training sectors about the opportunities and risks of the use of AI and data in education and training 6.Draft and approve the final report of the group, in collaboration with an external consultant hired by DG)

More information on the call

Deadline for applications: 25.05.2021


The Commission proposes the development of ethical guidelines on artificial intelligence and data in education and training based on the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence , presented by the High-Level Expert Group on AI in 2019. In order to be assisted with this task, the Commission’s Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture (DG EAC) has taken the initiative to set up a new dedicated group of experts. The group will be co-led with the Commission’s Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (‘DG CNECT’).