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The Conference on the Future of Europe

Conference on the Future of Europe

The Conference on the Future of Europe is an opportunity for citizens across the EU to debate on Europe’s challenges and priorities, having a greater say on the future of the EU and the policies they want. The EU institutions will listen to the input given by people over the coming 12 months and will then follow up on the recommendations made.

Cross-border stakeholders can make their voice heard in the Conference in several ways. On the digital platform of the Conference, users can share comments and proposals on a range of topics, such as health, economy, education and other areas. Comments are collected, analysed, monitored and published. Because the platform is multilingual, comments are also automatically translated into other EU official languages.

Furthermore, the platform lists local events that are taking place, organised by people, organisations or public authorities. Cross-border stakeholders can organise their own events under the Conference by registering them in the digital platform. The input from these events and their participants will then be taken into consideration in the deliberations. The platform also provides a toolkit, with guides to help event organisers (such as this one).

From the Border Focal Point Network, we want to encourage all cross-border stakeholders to actively take part in the Conference on the Future of Europe, seizing this unique democratic opportunity to shape Europe’s future. More resources are available below.


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