Action 1 - Building a Procurement Strategy: using a city’s buying power to achieve political goals

Action 1 - Building a Procurement Strategy
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Action 1 - Construire une stratégie d’achat
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The purpose of this guide is to share a methodology, experiences and tools in a practical and operational way to help them build their own strategy and manage the procurement process.

This toolkit can be used in various ways. It can be read ‘from cover to cover’ and thus provide a sequential instruction on how to build, implement and put into practice a strategic procurement policy. Or it can be approached via its separate building blocks, dependent on the user’s need for information about specific issues.

The guidance toolkit is divided into three parts:

  1. The strategic level: why is building a procurement strategy important and what does it entail (Section 4);
  2. The tactical level: what process and methodology of designing is being used and what component parts does a procurement strategy include (Section 5);
  3. The operational level: how to go about it practically (Section 6).

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