The energy transition requires a long-term structural change in our approach to energy systems, creating a more integrated and smarter energy system that is better able to manage and balance dynamic patterns of supply and demand at an EU, national and local level. 

The energy system is fundamental to enabling a successful and cost-effective energy transition in the EU. The future prosperity and liveability of European cities depend on creating a smarter, more integrated energy system that is secure, resilient, affordable, clean and sustainable.

Based on this understanding of the massive challenges and chances linked to the energy transition, the Partnership is working on identifying feasible proposals for actions linked to better regulation, better knowledge, and better funding in this field.

The Partnership, led by the three cities of Gdańsk, London, and Roeselare, kicked off in September 2017. The Orientation Paper was published in October 2017. The Partnership uses three work streams to identify and further develop the major fields of action:

  • Energy supply, generation and storage
  • Management and planning
  • Energy consumption

The Partnership presented its final Action Plan in May 2019.

Find the composition of the Partnership on the Members page.

More information with regard to EU legislation, policies, strategies, studies, funding, and project examples on the topic of Energy Transition can be found at the European Commission’s one-stop shop for cities.

For questions and feedback, please contact UA-EnergyTransition@ecorys.com.