AI-Centric Transformation in Business Seminar Training

Dear member of the Alliance, I would like to invite you to upcoming training session, AI-Centric Transformation in Business Seminar Training, scheduled on 03 DEC in Brussels. We have limited seats for the Allience members. Please register through the link…


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Esitas Hasan Suzen kuupäeval R, 11/29/2019 - 14:29

Target audience:
Automotive, Banking, Asset and Wealth Management, Capital Markets, Finance and Accounting Procurement, Healthcare, Life Science and Pharma, Food, Education, Insurance, Property and Life, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Communication

This training empowers and helps C-Level decision makers; corporate executives; operations, finance, sales & marketing, human resources, legal & strategy VPs, directors, managers, and staff; academician, think-tanker or researcher (Incl. PhD. Researcher) get equipped with the skills and competencies to perform and succeed in the AI era.