VirtuALL (Innovation | Ageing | Quality of Life)

VirtuALL is an on-going project that assumes itself as a strategic and promising vision to face the current challenges of an aging society. The project is developed by AD ELO in cooperation with six Municipalities (Cantanhede, Figueira da Foz, Mealhada, of Mira, Montemor o Velho and Penacova), all from the Coimbra Region, Center of Portugal. The main goal is to promote and develop an ecosystem that privilege the technology with the replication and development of good practices in the area of active and healthy aging, contributing to ageing in place and combating ageism. 

In these ecosystems we provide different solutions for physical and cognitive stimulation and also for socialization. Physiosensing (a balance and pressure assessment platform with 2D and 3G games), PEPE - Portable Exergame for Elderly people (of an augmented reality gaming platform), Oculus Quest 2 (virtual reality equipment) and tablets are the equipment used in the sessions. Find more information in this video .

It´s a financial project promoted by AD ELO, funded under the Portugal Inovação Social (European Social Fund) that started in April/2019 and enrolled more than 800 participants (people 65 years old or more).

To know more about VirtuALL please visit the AD ELO website

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