The Circular Economy Partnership aims to stimulate the re-use, repair, refurbishment and recycling of existing materials and products to promote new growth and job opportunities. The focus will be on: waste management (turning waste into resources), the sharing economy, and resource efficiency.

On 22nd and 23rd of February 2017, the Kick-off meeting of the Partnership was held in Brussels. This first exchange showed that there are many topics that the Partnership could work on. It was agreed to focus on three vertical themes (Urban resource management; Circular business enablers and drivers; Circular consumption) which will feed into one horizontal enabler theme (Governance).

The Partnership will meet five more times this year and initiate relevant other meetings (like seminars, conferences, working visits) and meetings that are of particular importance to the Partnership (such as the political roundtable initiative by the European Commission).

In the upcoming meetings, the bottlenecks and potentials will be identified, what will lead to an Action Plan for the Partnership as related to a) better regulation, b) better funding, and c) better knowledge on circular economy issues.

More information with regard to EU legislation, policies, strategies, studies, funding, project examples on the topic of Circular Economy can be found at the One-Stop-Shop.

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