Regional Digital Compasses?

Hi all,

in Tampere Region, Finland (Pirkanmaa) we are just launching a process to create our own digital compass for the decade. In this process we will define and agree our regional targets and align ourselves to the European one in regionally meaningful way. Also annual regional strategic plans will be created to boost implementation.  

Are there any other regions doing something similar? Interested to collaborate?

Howabout the Commission, are you interested in bringing in a regional dimension to the governance of Digital Decade?


/ Petri Räsänen, Council of Tampere Region

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Inviato da Antonella MARINO il Mar, 19/10/2021 - 11:23

Hi Petri!

Thanks for your interest! Good to hear that you welcome our proposal and you are so responsive! It is crucial for the success of a digital transition according to our values to have everyone on board. We consider  this proposal to be a strategic one also for bridging digital divide and give all European citizens, wherever they are, the opportunity to leverage the potential of the digital transition. Therefore is very important the voice and the initiative of the regional and local administrations. Moreover the approached followed by the Digital decade (setting targets and processes to reach them) can also be implemented at regional level.

As you may know once the Policy Program will be issued, the Commission will adopt guidelines for Member States to develop their strategic national roadmaps and to translate the Union trajectories at national level.

We foresee the participation of all stakeholder, even institutional ones, along all the process. This will include the consultation at the different administrative level.

On our side, we will explore the possibility to organize a webinars with cities and regions in the next months.

Please have a look in the meantime to our Staff Working Document accompanying the proposal, and feel free to contact us, and do not hesitate to share your experience when developing your own initiative.

Stay tuned!!

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Inviato da Petri RÄSÄNEN il Gio, 21/10/2021 - 15:03

Hi Antonella,

Thanks a lot for the comments and interesting documents. Looking forward for the upcoming webinars! Meanwhile we are doing some further planning for the Compass processs, based on the (very positive) stakeholder feedback from last week. The linked material is very useful indeed for that purpose!