Cummunity AI? Updates from two case studies may show promising new models

Dear colleagues,

Allow me to present to you a pre-print version of a paper which will be published soon, which deals with the results of 2 case studies of what we're calling Community AI, that is AIs which are desingned to work with communities to address issues of multiculturality, gender, new inclusive economic modes, ageing, well being, accessible welfare, cultural welfare, multilinguisim, community resilience, and more.

One of these experiences had an international reach, and it dealt with the evolution of digital rights. One has a local focus, in the multicultural neighbourhood of Torpignattara, in Rome. Both have received national and international funding, from national ministries and public institutions. Both have a multi-year impact history that went well beyond the initial funding.

Among their most oustanding characteristics: they both start from an AI-centric artistic interventions in cities, as a means to engage communities in inclusive ways.

I'd love to discuss the paper and its conclusions with you all, just as much as I'd love to find partners to perform such experiments in upcoming funding opportunities.

Thank you and best wishes to you all,

Salvatore Iaconesi

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