As the new European Urban Initiative (EUI) Secretariat is now supporting the Urban Agenda for the EU from the side of the European Commission and taking over the communication on the initiative, the content of Futurium will be progressively transferred to the new Urban Agenda for the EU website which we invite you to already consult through this link :

The Urban Agenda newsletter will be phased out and we invite you all to keep informed about the Urban Agenda for the EU and follow the EUI Newsletter. Please subscribe through the button below.

Below are the 14 Partnerships developed under the Urban Agenda for the EU, as well as a link to their Action Plans and to the Monitoring Table of Actions. Select the Partnership you’re interested in to view specific information, resources, news and events.

For a list of all the Actions from every Partnership, check the Monitoring of Actions page. 

You can follow the Urban Agenda for the EU on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date!

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