Local training academy on climate adaptation in Genoa

The Climate Adaptation Partnership is organizing the second local training academy for politicians (November 26, 2019). This time, the training will be held for local politicians in Genoa (Italy). The project coordinator of the Partnership is hosting the meeting.

During this meeting, the context and need for climate adaptation will be discussed as well as the impact of climate change experienced by European cities. Both EU as national and local initiatives related to climate adaptation will be touched upon. The training offers information on:

  • Key definitions (e.g. climate, climate change, resilience, vulnerability, risk, adaptation)
  • Climate change impacts in cities in Europe and Italy
  • European policy on urban adaptation
  • Adaptation needs and benefits
  • Examples of adaptation
  • Success factors
  • Financing
  • Tools and information sources

The training will be held by Sergio Castellari (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia – INGV, Bologna (Italy); now seconded as National Expert at the European Environment Agency - EEA).

The training is being organized as part of one of the actions from the Climate Adaptation Action plan.   Previously, trainings were provided during the Urban Future Global Conference in Oslo (may 2019), during a climate adaptation day in Glasgow (June 2019) and during the EWRC (September 2019).

For more information, please find the Background Note to the training here.