Who is involved

According to the Pact of Amsterdam, Partnerships are the key delivery mechanisms within the Urban Agenda for the EU.

Each Partnership is made up of Urban Authorities (cities), the European CommissionEU organisations (European Investment Bank, European Economic and Social Committee, Committee of Regions), Member States, Partner States, experts, umbrella organisations (e.g. EUROCITIES, Council of European Municipalities and Regions), knowledge organisations (e.g. URBACT, ESPON) and stakeholders (NGOs, business, etc.).

The Partnerships are composed on average of about 15 to 20 partners and represent authorities and stakeholders from different areas in Europe. As of summer 2017, the composition of the twelve existing Partnerships has been finalised and is not open for new members. Participation of the members of the Partnerships is voluntary and was open to all those interested, committed and ready to dedicate resources, taking into account the need for a balanced composition. 

If you want to contribute to a Partnership, you are more than welcome. This website offers the possibility to leave comments, to join discussions and to take part in the Public Feedback on the draft Action Plans of the Partnerships. To become part of the community, please register as a user in the top right menu. This allows you to open discussions, to comment, and to follow the Partnerships individually to get notifications related to specific Partnerships. The monthly newsletter also informs all users about the latest developments of the Partnerships and the Urban Agenda for the EU.

For any questions about the Urban Agenda for the EU, please contact UA.communication@ecorys.com.