Final Action Plan of the Urban Mobility Partnership is available!

The Partnership on Urban Mobility is pleased to present its final Action Plan. The nine Actions aim at facilitating a joint effort for more sustainable and efficient urban mobility. 

The Actions have been elaborated within four working groups:

  • Governance and planning
  • Public transport (including clean buses) and accessibility
  • Active modes of transport and public space
  • New mobility services and innovation

The Actions are as follows:

  1. Reinforcing multi-level cooperation and governance
  2. Reinforcing the uptake of sustainable urban mobility planning
  3. Evaluating best practices in convenient access to public transport
  4. Scaling up innovative clean buses
  5. Developing guidelines on infrastructure for active mobility supported by relevant funding
  6. Promoting sustainable and active mobility behaviour
  7. Reducing diversity of Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVAR)
  8. Exploring the deployment of New Mobility Services
  9. Setting up a European framework for fostering urban mobility innovation

The Partnership also outlines cross-cutting issues and links with the New Urban Agenda/the Sustainable Development Goals and other Partnerships.

A Joint Statement of Political and Leading Representatives is attached to the Action Plan.

Read the full document below.


Final Action Plan of the Urban Mobility Partnership
(540.31 KB - PDF)


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