Series of articles #5 - How UAEU partnerships can be used by policy and decision-makers to end homelessness and provide adequate and affordable housing

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Laura Colini

Because of the lack of adequate and affordable housing in Europe, and a crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the efforts of the Urban Agenda for the EU are important milestones in the achievement of a ‘just city’ as promoted by the New Leipzig Charter.

Our fifth article in our series of articles, questions the definition of a just city and the role of housing, and depicts city examples framed by Urban Poverty, Housing, and Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees Partnerships. Reflecting on viewpoints and solutions for the future of European housing policies, as well as how cities may benefit from the examples presented.

These practices demonstrate that cities at the forefront of this endeavour to provide housing as a foundation for the just city, and that the messages of the UAEU are still relevant today, despite the long road ahead.

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