TAII Framework


Based on my previous research I would like to share the Trustworthy AI Implementation (TAII) Framework with you. The TAII Framework kickoffs the implementation of trustworthy AI within organizations under consideration of its social impact.


Companies and their stakeholder need practical tools and implementation guidelines besides abstract frameworks to kick off the realization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) ethics. AI development companies are still in the beginning of this process or have not even started yet. How is it possible to decrease the entry level barrier to kickoff AI ethics implementation? I tackle this question by combining AI ethics research with previous research findings to create the Trustworthy AI Implementation (TAII) framework. A literature review was conducted and that specifies the research and implementation status for each process step. The aim is to kickoff AI ethics and to transfer research and abstract guidelines from academia to business. The TAII Framework generates a meta perspective on the systemic dependencies of ethics for the company ecosystem. It generates orienteering for the AI ethics kickoff without requiring a deep background in philosophy and considers perspectives of social impact outside the software and data engineering setting. Depending on the legal regulation or area of application, the TAII process can be adapted and used with different regulations and ethical principles.


Baker-Brunnbauer, Josef, Trustworthy AI Implementation (TAII) Framework for AI Systems (March 3, 2021). http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.3796799

You can also find the TAII Framework infographic on www.socialtechlab.eu
If you are interested in evaluation and implementation, please follow-up with me.

Kind regards, Josef