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Cross-Border Review - CESCI's 2019 Yearbook is now available

Cross-Border Review. The 2019 Yearbook of the CESCI is now available online here:


The contents

James W Scott (editor in chief): Developing Research Perspectives on Borders, Cultural Dialogue and Cooperation


  • Anna Casaglia: On Border-Making and Politics of Borders
  • Jussi Laine: Observations on Borders as Social Fact and Ethical Problems
  • Victor Konrad: Relating Borders to ‘Belongingness’: Some Observational Evidence
  • James W Scott: Urban Borders, Urban Neighbourhoods and a Cognitive Approach
  • Alicia Español: Everyday Psychological Boundaries: Evidence from the Ceuta-Tétuan Borderland
  • Krisztina Keresztély, Hayley Trowbridge: Voicitys: Living with Diversity in European Cities
  • Goran Bandov, Bruno Antonio Erdeljac Cunha: Portuguese-Africans: in Practice a True ethnicity


Research Notes

  • Alla Sanchenko: Current Institutional and Legal Framework for Ukraine’s Participation in Cross-border Cooperation
  • Michal Šindelář: The Pomoraví/Weinviertel/Zahorie Euroregion


Book reviews

  • Andreas Faludi (2018): The Poverty of Territorialism: a Neo-Medieval View of Europe and European Planning, Edward Elgar Publishing. (Teodor Gyelnik)
  • Eduardo Medeiros (ed) (2018): European Territorial Cooperation. Theoretical and Empirical Approaches to the Process and Impacts of Cross-Border and Transnational Cooperation in Europe. Springer. Cham. (Gyula Ocskay)

For off-print version, please contact the association:


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