Commission proposes 166 EU cross-border energy projects

Today marks a pivotal moment for cross-border collaboration in the EU's energy evolution. The European Commission's adoption of the first list of Projects of Common Interest (PCIs) and Projects of Mutual Interest (PMIs) underlines a concerted effort to strengthen cross-border partnerships aligned with the European Green Deal. The era of EU funding for fossil fuel infrastructure comes at an end, as green and renewable energy becomes the main focus.

The proposed 166 energy infrastructure projects aim to advance the EU's ambitious energy and climate objectives. They are reinforced by regulations and access to EU financial support provided through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

Out of the 166 proposed projects:

  • Over half (85) are electricity, offshore and smart electricity grid projects, with many expected to be commissioned between 2027 and 2030. 
  • For the first time, hydrogen and electrolyser projects (65) are included, which will play a major role in enabling energy system integration and the decarbonisation of EU industry. 
  • The list also includes 14 CO2 network projects in line with our goals to create a market for carbon capture and storage.

Click here to read the Commission's press release!

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