Two new publications related to the Urban Poverty Partnership

Two recent publications - one in English, one in French - deal with topics that are at the heart of the Urban Poverty Partnership: urban regeneration and homelessness.

The first, an edited volume of the Territorio della Ricerca su Insediamenti e Ambiente (TRIA)/International Journal of Urban Planning on urban regeneration in the EU, discusses inter alia the development of the Urban Agenda for the EU, urban Europeanisation, urban regeneration, EU urban policies and cohesion policy - illustrated by several projects and case studies of the different dimensions of urban regeneration. Find the publication in the Library section.

The second publication deals with the issue of homelessness, one of the focus areas of the Urban Poverty Partnership. The book called "Exclusion : vers zéro SDF?" [Exclusion: towards ending homelessness?)], authored by the French public publishing service La Documentation française and author Julien Damon, is available in French and can be purchased here.

It reviews the situation and issues of homeless people as well as the orientation of corresponding public policies. The problem of homelessness is part of the broader themes of poverty and exclusion. The book aims at generating knowledge about an extremely heterogeneous population which is at the heart of contemporary social evolutions, and critically investigates the priorities and effectiveness of public policies.

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