13th European Observatory Conference on Homelessness, Budapest

European University Central
Nádor u. 9

FEANTSA’s European Observatory on Homelessness, the Metropolitan Research Institute Budapest and Shelter Foundation Budapest are pleased to announce the 13th Annual European Research Conference on Homelessness in Budapest entitled Social and Economic Integration of Homeless People. The purpose of this research conference is to explore evidence on levels of and opportunities for social and economic integration of homeless people in Europe and elsewhere. The conference invites presentations on policies and practices in relation to social integration and labour market participation of homeless people across Europe. Similarly to previous years, the conference will also include open sessions on the broad theme of ‘homelessness and housing exclusion’ from across Europe and elsewhere. Early career researchers are also invited to present their research activities.

The deadline to register is 31 August 2018. Thanks to the Westminster HELP project, the organisers are able to offer participating cities a bursary of up to EUR 500,00 to cover travel, accommodation and the conference fee. Find more information on the bursary here.

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