Final Action Plan of the Urban Poverty Partnership is available!

The Partnership on Urban Poverty is pleased to present its final Action Plan, the result of around two years of work. It features twelve Actions that aim to reduce poverty and improve the inclusion of people in poverty or at risk of poverty in urban areas across the EU.

The twelve Actions are clustered in five groups:

  • Transversal Actions
  • Actions aimed at fighting child poverty
  • Actions for the regeneration of deprived urban areas and neighbourhoods
  • Actions aimed at ending homelessness
  • Actions for the inclusion of Roma people

The Actions are as follows:

  1. Cohesion policy post 2020: Block Grant for urban authorities to fight poverty
  2. Setting up a European network of national observatories with experience in urban poverty
  3. Developing data on urban poverty at EU level
  4. Adoption of a European Child Guarantee
  5. Progress towards a Directive on investing in children based on the Recommendation "Investing in Children: Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage"
  6. Cohesion policy post 2020: Setting up a new Urban Territorial Perspective
  7. Cohesion policy post 2020: Local Pact for the regeneration of urban deprived areas
  8. Ending homelessness by 2030 through the reform of social inclusion strategies at the national level
  9. Capacity building for the use of the EU funds to end homelessness
  10. Adoption of an integrated Roma framework from a multi-level governance approach
  11. Strengthening the desegregation principle in EU urban areas
  12. Ease cities' access to EU funding in parallel to introducing local ex-ante conditionalities regarding - among others - Roma inclusion

Furthermore, the Partnership discusses cross-cutting issues and links with the New Urban Agenda/the Sustainable Development Goals and other Partnerships.

Read the full document below.


Final Action Plan of the Urban Poverty Partnership
(3.29 MB - PDF)


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