Urban Mobility Partnership at the 7th Member States Expert Group on Urban Mobility, 23 November 2017, Brussels

One of the Partnership Coordinators (Frantisek Kubes from the Czech Ministry of Regional Development), supported by representatives of Slovenia and EUROCITIES, presented the current state of play of the Partnership on Urban Mobility, including the proposed actions. He also outlined the next steps the Partnership is expecting to take in 2018.

Frantisek Kubes stressed the importance of member states because they will certainly play a decisive role in the implementation of some of the actions. He also emphasised the importance of member states’ contact with cities and regions, which are also represented in the Partnership, and the relevance of ongoing Public Feedback.

There was a general agreement that the Member States Working Group could play a role of an “advisory body” – even by way of provong advice via a memorandum/written procedures (“per rollam”). As a result of the presentation and discussion, the possibility of holding a joint working session in spring 2018 in Brussels will be explored. 

Find more information on the European Commission's Expert Group on Urban Mobility (including an agenda of the 23 November meeting) here.