UITP Global Public Transport Summit, Montréal, CA


PROGRAMME: https://uitpsummit.org/programme/#/day/1

The 2017 Global Public Transport Summit isorganisedaround seven themes, which cover all of the most significant innovations presently occurring in the industry.

Public transport professionals, decision-makers, and enthusiasts alike will gather in Montréal for the world’s largest public transport event. The 2017 Global Public Transport Summit features over 50 inspiring sessions on topics ranging from autonomous vehicles to customer experience, and thecustomisablenature of the event means that you can create a day-to-dayprogramme tailored to your interests.

All of the speakers and sessions will beorganisedaccording to these seven themes: Service Excellence, Decarbonisation, Digitalisation, Governance, planning, funding, Mobility as a Service & Combined Mobility, Bus, and Rail.


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