Edit Post Series of Articles #8: How under-used space and infrastructure can become testbeds for new cities


How under used space and infrastructure can become testbeds for new cities
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Over the last two centuries, urban space has evolved and changed dramatically. The economic and social transformation accelerated in the last decades in Europe, which resulted in the abandonment of many buildings and spaces.

Our eighth article in the series of articles discusses the efforts of the Urban Agenda Partnerships on Circular Economy, on Culture and Cultural Heritage, on Jobs and Skills in the Local Economy, and on Sustainable Land Use and Nature Based Solutions. The article, which is organised under the Just dimension of the New Leipzig Charter, also shows practices that European cities have developed to address these concerns.

These examples demonstrate the benefits of managing under-used spaces, lands, and buildings, as well as the means for cities to take advantage of funding opportunities in tackling these issues. In addition, they act as leading inspirations for others.

Have a look at the article and read all about these examples!

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