Series of articles #7 How to design safe and sustainable cities through the lens of public procurement

Article 7 - Public Procurement
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Matthew Baqueriza-Jackson

Over the last three years, the Urban Agenda for the EU partnerships Urban Mobility and Security in Public Spaces have sought to bring together EU, institutional, and city stakeholders to network and develop actions focused on delivering more effective outcomes for EU citizens on these themes. Simultaneously, the Urban Agenda Partnership for Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement is considering how the procurement process may used to address economic, societal and environmental challenges.

Our seventh article in our series of articles examines how procurement might used as a lever to enable facilitate more effective urban mobility within and between areas, as well as address security challenges.

Through the perspective of public procurement, this article explores the importance of public procurement and the process by which cities may be planned in a safe and sustainable manner. It displays city examples and offers recommendations to other cities.

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