Series of articles #4 Cities’ transformation in the post COVID-19 era with a focus on urban planning

Making use of circular procurement
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Eleni Feleki

While the link between COVID-19 prevalence and urban design characteristics has created many debates in the media and the public, it is not clear how different design parameters such as connectivity, block size, land use mix, or polycentricity can influence infection and mortality rate and the capacity of cities to respond to the pandemic.

Three Partnerships of the Urban Agenda for the EU – Public Procurement, Circular Economy, and Sustainable Land Use – are working provide opportunities to improve urban development and achieve health and climate adaptation benefits

The fourtharticle inour seriesshowcases practices and experiences of how different tools and funding support can help cities face their challenges in a strategic way and addresses the Green City Dimension of the New Leipzig Charter.

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Lindeberg locality. © Agency for Waste Management, City of Oslo
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