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In this section you’ll find our series of Articles on specific Actions and our Urban Case Studies where we look at local implementation of the Actions.

Series of Articles #10: Reconquering public spaces by interlinking design, inclusion, and sustainability

The way people live in cities is changing, and the need for green spaces is increasing as social inclusion and quality of local settings gain more relevance. Vacant and under-used spaces have the potential to deliver not only ecological, economic, and social advantages, but also cultural and natural heritage with high recreational, aesthetic, and social value.

Our tenth and final article in the series of articles reviews various initiatives implemented under the Sustainable Land Use and Nature Based Solutions, Circular Economy, and Culture and Cultural Heritage Partnerships of the Urban Agenda for the EU through the lens of the Green City Dimension of the New Leipzig Charter and the New European Bauhaus.

The New European Bauhaus movement puts emphasis on the local dimension, which may provide a chance to incorporate some subjects that have yet to be investigated when going from policy objective level to action on the ground. It also establishes dedicated initiatives and funding opportunities, and provides inspiration for further projects and developments.

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Article 10 - Reconquering public spaces by interlinking design, inclusion, and sustainability
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Series of articles Article 9 New Leipzig Charter Green City Dimension Sustainable Land Use Circular Economy Culture/Cultural Heritage