Security in Public Spaces Partnership presents Orientation Paper

The Urban Agenda for the EU Partnership on Secutiry in Public Spaces presents its Orientation Paper, outlining the Partnership's thematic orientation and working approach.

With this Orientation Paper, the Partnership puts forward an understanding of urban security as a complex issue that covers various forms of crime as well as actual and perceived security. 

The Partnership commits to respond to some key objectives and challenges:

  • Preserve the openness of European cities
  • Ensure convergence of urban security policies while respecting city differences 
  • Find a shared vision and understanding of security
  • Enhance the feeling of security of the EU population
  • Improve the use of smart and safe technologies to secure cities
  • Empower society to be responsible of its own security

Three concrete priorities are outlined: 

  1. Urban planning and design 'to create safer cities'
  2. Technologies for smart and safe cities
  3. Managing security and sharing public space

Read the Orientation Paper in the Library (clicking on the picture opens pdf in a new window):

orientation paper Urban Security