EU Digital Autumn School - Workshops on Protection of Public Spaces, 1 October - 4 November 2020


In line with the EU Action Plan to Support the Protection of Public Spaces and the Commission Staff Working Document on Good Practices to Support the Protection of Public Spaces, the European Commission supports national, regional and urban authorities and operators of public spaces in facilitating the exchange of good practices and lessons learnt, including through the creation of networks that cooperate with one another across the EU. To this end, the European Commission is organizing an EU Digital Autumn School which will offer specialized workshops on a broad spectrum of topics related to the protection of public spaces. 

- Disseminate scientifically based knowledge to support efforts toward the enhanced protection of public spaces across the EU
- Provide detailed information and guidance as part of a comprehensive approach to protecting public spaces – from evaluation of risk to calculation and the selection of mitigation solutions
- Provide information on readily accessible resources to support the work of security operators, practitioners and researchers
- Provide information on relevant EU initiatives, including funding opportunities
- Encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience among security operators, authorities, urban planners, scientists, and policy-makers through new networks


VENUE: online via zoom, details will be shared later



FORMAT: 5 lessons each lasting 2 hours presenting the basics on the main subjects of public space protection. The course will cover: EU framework, Blast protection, Vehicle ramming protection, UAS (drone) risk mitigation in urban settings, Surveillance, individual rights, Detection and Crises management.


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