Bridge project: Final Conference on "Preventing polarisation - European Perspectives"



Join the final conference of the BRIDGE projectthat will take place online on the 31st of May 2021, from 10h45 to 13h00 CET!

The conference is an opportunity to exchange European perspectives on the prevention of polarisation.

One of the key aspects to discuss is the enhancement of social cohesion and community resilience at the local and regional level. 

The event's respective speakers will present methodologies and tools that allow local authorities to assess the presence and level of social cohesion and its contribution to overcome polarisation and strengthen urban security.

Among the speakers, the city of Mechelen will present the methodology used under Action 5 of the Partnership's Action Plan. BRIDGE partner local authorities will equally share their key lessons learned and recommendations with regards to the prevention and mitigation of polarisation.


Are you interested? 

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BRIDGE project Action 5 Mechelen polarisation