Public Procurement Public Feedback starts on Monday 11 June

The online Public Feedback of the Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement Partnership will kick-off on Monday 11 June 2018 and will last for at least 6 weeks, until 5 August. This would be the unique opportunity for the public to contribute to the draft actions from the Draft Action Plan.

The Partnership formalised 7 actions, namely:

  1. Guidance on building city strategic procurement and how to manage strategic procurement (Action 2.1.1)
  2. Measuring spend and wider impact in European Cities (Action 2.1.2)
  3. Recommendation(s) for future EU funding for joint cross-border procurement, procurement of innovation, strategic procurement in particular social procurement and circular procurement (Action 2.1.3)
  4. Innovation procurement broker (Action 2.2.1)
  5. Legal handbook innovative public procurement (Action 2.3.1)
  6. Develop a flexible and customisable concept for Local Competence Centres for innovative and sustainable procurement (Action 2.3.2)
  7. Competence building in circular procurement (Action 2.3.3)

Moreover, the Partnership produced the Public Feedback Summary with all 7 actions and it is available in 6 European languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Bulgarian.


Have your say on the Public Procurement actions and join the Public Feedback until 5 August 2018!

IMPORTANT: Join the Public Feedback by choosing the Public Feedback Summary in your language.

In the Action Plan section, you will find a Public Feedback description (summary) of the ideas developed by the Partnership available in 6 European languages. These Summaries contain buttons to give your feedback. You can give feedback on one or more actions and also on the Draft Action Plan as a whole.


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Enviado por Peter KOMINKA em Ter, 06/12/2018 - 19:36

What is the link between public procurement and Concession?
Which is uptodate on Postal field related to non-cross border postal item delivery?My country Hungary.

Enviado por Inga NAUMANE em Ter, 07/24/2018 - 17:22

I would like to suggest collecting the best practices that could be shared on a common platform possibly lead by one of the cities, for example.

In the document there is missing the refernce to goods/supplies as only works and services have been mentioned.

As regards the implementation risks, point 2.1, I would consider making a survey about the existence of guidance books (if this is not yet done) and add this as one of the actions. A clarification who would write the hand book and keep it updated would be apreciated. Under point  2.1.2 - which action is needed, I would abstain giving excel as an example due to the high risk of errors. Under the point 2.3.3. - which action is needed,  I would suggest adding clearly a knowledge sharing which would include for example best practice templates and checklists.